Miami, FL, USA

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Miami Atmosphere is the sister company to the well-reputed agency, Vegas Atmosphere. Vegas Atmosphere was created by a young Johns Hopkins alumnus who was planning a Vegas bachelor party for his old college buddies. We were a group of classy guys who wanted to hang out with hot girls who weren't trying to solicit us for other services. After previous Vegas trips, we realized that just having a table at a nightclub does not always ensure a good time. It's not easy to attract girls to a table full of 8-10 guys, and often these girls are trashy and only stick around long enough to have a few free drinks and leave. We soon realized how much more fun it would be if we had nice, beautiful girls at our table all night.

Our atmosphere models will party with your group at pool parties and nightclubs and improve the social dynamic of your outing. Our models are Vegas' hottest cocktail waitresses, print models, and promo models who love to have fun and meet new people. Whether you want to attract other girls to your table, have a beautiful, classy girl engage the shy guy in your group, or simply live it up with gorgeous girls, our atmosphere models will enhance your party experience and leave you with the most memorable Vegas trip of your life!

Even Vegas veterans know that trying to stay within your budget while having an unforgettable time is not easy to do on the Strip. When you're spending thousands of dollars at the club, our atmosphere models are not only the insurance you need to have a good time, but we'll also save you money at the nightclubs by booking our exclusive table deals for you. Let us be your new best friend in Vegas who will plan everything out for you, hook you up with the best deals at the top spots in town, and bring the hottest girls for you to party with.

Let us know when you're coming to Vegas, and we'll send you a catalog of our best available models along with nightclub table deals.


Plan Your Next Event With Us

Plan your next event or party with Miami Atmosphere where we have a full team of event professionals available at your disposal. Big or Small, Weird or Wonderful, we've seen and done it all and have your every request covered!

Miami Atmosphere have planned events including Golf Tournaments, Charity Days, Poker Games, Costume Parties, Sports and Company Parties, Fantasy Football Drafts, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Divorce Parties, even a few weddings!

Email us on Models@MiamiAtmosphere.com with details on what you're looking for and an experienced events professional will get back to you with a personalised proposal and quotation.